My Love

Dear my beloved Heshmat,

even I know you very well and knowing now about your Business. I still loving you. Nothing was real for you, but for me it was everything real. I gave you everything from my side.

I let you in my heart, in my head, in my life, in my Family in my secretes thoughts and even in my bed. This is very Special and not for everyone.

I thought you are Special, you are true, but you aren't true and your Feelings are not real Feelings for me. Maybe I didn't want to see the red flags in our Long distance relationship. I have no idea about your life. You told me many stories about your day, while we talking every second night. How much work you have to do... one month before we get on vacation in July 2016, i found out that the Hotel where you employeed was already closed... because Business is very low in Egypt. You let me believe that you are still working. What shall I say, you never can imagine how i felt and still feel. YOU HESHMAT Y. PLAYED WITH MY LOVE; MY EMOTIONS. HOW often told you, that I am the love of your life? How often told you my nephews and nieces that you come soon to Germany? Nothing of them was ever in your mind.

Dear Heshmat, how would you feel if someone which you really love from the bottom of your heart, would acting with you like you do with me and 100 other woman?No womand has deserved an treating like this. Our hearts are not Soccer balls and our Love is not a game.

Life is not a DRESS REHERSAL it is already the PREMIERE.

KEEP it in your mind, one day, if you will not Change your behavior you will get what you derserved maybe not by human but by almighty GOD!!!

3.9.16 11:48

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